It all started in 1858

A lot has happened in the last 161 years.

A copy of Linfield College’s official charter.

We’re one year older than the State of Oregon

An aerial view of the McMinnville Campus in 1946.

We’ve had three names

Mrs. Frances Ross Linfield (left) and Rev. George Fisher Linfield (right) , the namesake for Linfield College.

This is also not the original location of the school

Note: the deed shows date of 1892, because records weren’t exactly efficient in the 1890s.

The entire college was housed in Pioneer

Photo taken between 1880–1910, when Linfield was known as McMinnville College.
The Observatory moved across campus and is now home to Linfield’s Marching Band.

We were a college with few college students

Before Wildstock, there was May Day

The Catdome was quiet between 1906–1922

Linfield College did not play a game between 1906–1921. In 1922, the program resumed and played two games: a 22–0 win over Pacific University and 36–0 loss to Willamette University.

President Riley is buried outside of Melrose Hall

Forensics was a huge deal

Pictured are (from top) Kenneth Scott Latourette, J. Bradford Dodson and Walter Dyke (Sr.)

Homer and Marge met at Linfield

Pictured: Homer Groening is driver and Margaret Wiggum, his future wife, is in the back of the car in her role as May Queen.

A university that connects the liberal arts with practical education through collaborative, service and experiential learning opportunities.